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Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Functional Testing, End-to-End Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, Parallel Testing, Recovery Testing, Installation Testing, Compatibility Testing, Configuration Testing, Compliance Testing, Error-Handling Testing, Manual-Support Testing, Inter-Systems Testing, Exploratory Testing, Volume Testing, Scenario Testing, User Interface Testing, System Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Alpha Testing, Beta Testing, White Box Testing, Static and Dynamic Analysis, Statement Coverage, Decision Coverage, Condition Coverage, Path Coverage, Bottom-Up Integration Testing, Security Testing, Mutation Testing, Stress Testing, Resilience Testing ...

Why do we test?

(boehm's curve)

What do we test?

Unit: a single thing, person, or group that is a constituent of a whole , a piece serving to perform one particular function

Unit testing: "Verify that a known fixed input produces a known fixed output" - Elliotte Harold

Integration: an act of combining into an integral whole

Integration Testing: to expose defects in the interfaces between components working together

Should unit or
(narrow) integration tests cover...

  • # Private methods?
  • # Edge cases?
  • # Third party components?
  • # External services?
  • # Internal services?

Where do we test?

Test Last Development

Test First Development

Test Driven Development

How do we test ?


  • KISS - Keep It Short & Simple
  • DRY - Don't repeat yourself
  • DAMP - Descriptive And Meaningful Phrases
  • SRP - Single Responsibility Principle
  • ...

Amazing books:
some Cool stuff:

Martin Fowler: IntegrationTest
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python: Testing Your Code
Unit Tests, How to Write Testable Code and Why it Matters
Test and Code: The Python Test Podcast
What is V Model? Learn with a Case Study using SDLC & STLC

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