Real World Micro Services

Over the years I’ve become pretty frustrated by the state of tech and engineering in general. One of the biggest issues we face in the industry is the lack of reusability in software. GitHub made a major revolutionary change for developers, enabling all of us to reuse libraries, and code through reuse rather than writing everything from scratch. Yet it never felt like that made it any further than that.

Go Microservices

Sep 29 2022

 Building Microservices with Go - Nic Jackson

Twice weekly live stream teaching you how to build Microservices using the Go programming language. Series Content: Over the weeks we will look at the following topics, teaching you everything you need to know regarding building microservices with the go programming language: - Introduction to microservices - RESTFul microservices - gRPC microservices - Packaging applications with Docker - Testing microservice - Continuous Delivery - Observability - Using Kubernetes - Debugging - Security - Asynchronous microservices - Caching - Microservice reliability using a Service Mesh

Go Microservices Playlist Video

Mar 24 2020