Python Standard Library: The Hidden Gems

The Python Standard Library is a very rich toolset, which is the reason why Python is stated to come with ""batteries included"". In such an amount of features and tools it's easy to get lost and miss some of the less unknown modules or gems hidden within the whole load of functions and classes. This talk aims at showcasing some recipes, snippets and usages of standard library modules and functions that are less known or that are not covered in the most common books and tutorials available for Python. The talk will try to showcase a bunch of short examples in the hope to foster the ""oh, wow! I didn't think about that"" reaction at least once in the audience. We will see how frequently for tasks where you used third party libraries or frameworks a solution bultin into the standard library is already available, and such solution is guaranteed to be maintained and well working for the years to come thanks to the standard library reliability and stability.

Python Snippet Video

Jun 8 2020