Union sql injection

Year after year we find code injection in the OWASP 10. Despite this kind of vulnerability was discovered and reported more than twenty years ago, it seems not that easy to get rid of. SQL injections are one of these. Let's see some examples.

Security SQLi

Apr 7 2020

 Security 101

Security in IT is a gigantic huge topic that is impossible to fully cover. In addition, it constantly evolves and almost every single day appears a new vulnerability, malware or God damn knows what technique in order to compromise a system.


Mar 18 2020

 Hacking Society

Bruce Schneier, Security Technologist, Researcher and Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School A computer security mindset is essential to understanding the security of complex technological systems. As we move into a world where all social, economic and political systems are to some extent technological, we need to extend this way of thinking. Come learn how to hack—and then defend—society’s core systems: elections, the market economy, lawmaking, tax policy, journalism and more.

Hacking Security Video

Mar 2 2020