PyCon Ireland 2019 - Unit & Integration Testing

Testing is an important part of the software development life cycle, however we don't always stress the importance of it. There are dozens of different types of testing and each one has its own purpose. In order to clarify/revisit two of the more common testing types used by developers, here are some concept definitions and best practices around them.

Testing Unit Testing Video

Mar 24 2020

 Watertight compartments: Structural design patterns to the rescue

When trying to find a simile that I can use as an example, I thought about a ship's structure used for damage control purposes to increase stability. Floodability is reduced by dividing the volume of the hull into watertight compartments with decks and bulkheads.<br> If a ship's hull is divided into watertight compartments, any flooding resulting from a breach of the hull can be contained in the compartments where the flooding occurs, avoiding the disaster.<br> Obviously, this is a good measure but isn't enough with that alone, we always must take care about everything.<br> Remember Titanic, folks

Design Patterns

Jan 26 2016